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Fall 2001 Newsletter


The moment of victory is much too short to live for that and nothing else.
-- Martina Navratilova

Message from the President

As a new race season approaches, there are many things happening for the club. Our race schedule lists only Snow Mountain events as we continue making plans with the Town of Frisco for a permanent range facility there. Races scheduled for February are tentative based on availability of people to run the race, while some of our usual officials spend most of the month working at the Olympics.

This brings us to the subject of involving more of our members in race day management. Last year we often found some of the critical positions open right up until race day. This year forward we'd like to be better prepared. To clarify a concern I've heard from a few folks, you do not have to be a certified Level 1 official to provide race staff support. We plan to add race management guidelines to the CBC web site so that all club members have access to the information needed to conduct safe and fun events. [Editor's note: Contact Julia if you need hardcopies of this information mailed to you.]

Check the race schedule below (or on the CBC web site) to see which jobs need to be filled. Contact Julia to set up your dates to work. If each member volunteers once during the season we'd be covered, you'll have made a valuable contribution and learned more about our sport.

The four main positions are:

It's possible to race while serving as the Course Chief or Range Chief. Course work is done before and after the event. Serving as the Range Chief in tandem with another racer in a different class (or a non-racing volunteer) allows you to hand off the duty during your specific event. Note that these four positions provide the staffing framework for the event, but the Competition Chief is responsible for ensuring that enough bodies are in place for pulling targets, scoring, and counting penalty loops.

In order to assure racers that a scheduled event will take place as advertised, the race management slots (especially that of the Competition Chief) will need to be filled by the weekend prior to the race in question. If not, the race will have to be cancelled as an official event.

Plans to rebuild the Snow Mountain target platform are solidifying for construction after next year's summer race. It'll be a big endeavor, we'll need everyone's help. The estimated project cost was pretty high so we've revised some aspects and will use this year's proceeds to make sure the Treasury can support the expense. The new structure will be much more stable and less problematic year to year. We'll use the same design for the Frisco installation. The Frisco completion date is still open ended based on approval and construction support.

Your club continues to stride ahead, and is an integral part of this region's biathlon scene. We've got a great group of people. Working together is key, and the result is lots of fun biathlon!

Finally, we give the Call family (Fred, Amy and Ricco) fond regards and wish them good luck as they prepare to move to Michigan this October. We will miss Fred a great deal as he has meant a lot to our group with his hard work and inspirational racing. He hopes to be back for races here as often as possible. We all send him and his family our very best wishes!

Think Snow,

David Wells

Message from the editor

As you've probably noted, it's been many moons since our last newsletter. If there are any inspired members who would like to take over the editing and distribution of the CBC newsletter, please contact the current, not too efficient, editor (Julia). The desperate-for-information Club membership will thank you!

Summer and winter seasons in review

Snow Mountain Ranch once again hosted two summer biathlon events this past August. Results are available at:

Special thanks go out to our sponsors, Runner's Choice and Bighorn Trading, for their donation of prizes and assistance with rifle transport. A big thanks also to Bill Hay, for directing the events, to National Team member Jill Troutner for her help with rifle zeroing, to all the Club members (and their friends and family) who provided race support, to Scott Furgueson and his staff at Snow Mountain Ranch for venue preparation and timing support, and to all of the competitors for their enthusiastic participation.

As a special attraction, the August 19, 2001 CBC/SMR summer biathlon included a demonstration mountain bike event. This proved to be so entertaining that we may have to make this a full-length event next summer. Four brave racers toed the starting line, undaunted by the grueling 3K (give or take a K or so) course. The group remained somewhat intact through the first kilometer and entry into the range. Uniformly marginal shooting (sorry, guys) ensured that things remained exciting throughout the miniature velodrome of the penalty loop. Jeff May jumped into the race during the prone shooting stage and opted for the standing targets. This crafty maneuver allowed him to avoid the penalty loop fun. The race really broke apart during the standing shooting bout, as Dave Cleveland shot clean and Nick Waldow had only one penalty. Dave used his one-shot advantage to full effect as he burned through the final loop to claim the win. Congratulations to all of the participants, and apologies for any errors in the play-by-play. I'm reporting it as I saw it!

Results from mountain bike exhibition (mass start):
Name prone
1Dave Cleveland4 0
2Nick Waldow4 1
3Sam Simakis34
4Mark 44

Jeff May0*4
*standing target used in prone stage, started late, ended early -- nice game plan, if you ask me.

Finally, Summer Biathlon Nationals are scheduled for October 5-7, 2001. Good luck to all Colorado competitors who plan to attend the National events.

Season shooting results for the Colorado races are at:
Results from our winter races are at:

Overall results from the Rocky Mountain Race Series are at:

Spring meeting highlights

See also the agenda for the meeting.

Schedule: We identified a tentative schedule based on last year's events and the known events for this year. See the CBC race schedule for the latest status on all dates and events.

Board elections: George Rutherford has moved to Steamboat and so is no longer on the Frisco VP list. All other nordic center VPs remain the same, along with the Board Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. Dave Wells would like to phase out of the presidency, but no other club members are currently expressing strong interest in the position. It was suggested that we add an executive VP position (unrelated to any of the nordic center VP positions). This position would take over some of the duties currently handled by Dave, hopefully making both positions manageable. Greg Wagner was nominated (and accepted the nomination) for this position. E-mail was sent to list membership asking for other nominations through 6/20/01. No other names were presented, so Greg was named Executive VP as per agreement by the meeting attendees.

Range reports

Snow Mountain Ranch: The work weekend at Snow Mountain Ranch took place September 22 and 23. Activities included a preliminary survey of the range for future renovations, rebuilding the carpet rack, and adding the plastic enclosure to the range house.

Frisco range status: The Town of Frisco and the Dillon Ranger District of the Forest Service are in the process of reviewing proposed improvements to the Frisco Nordic Center. These improvements include the creation of new trails as well as the realignment of some existing trails. CBC is working with the Forest Service representatives and the Town of Frisco to identify a new range location. The range previously in place at Frisco was dismantled in the spring at the request of the boat concessionaire using that area. Rather than rebuild the platform in its previous location, we plan to focus our efforts on the site review process this year, with the long term goal of establishing a permanent facility with easier access to the Nordic Center building and trails around the range which are better suited to biathlon needs. The new site currently under discussion is on Town of Frisco land. The assessment and approval process is scheduled to run through the summer of 2002, at which point we hope to begin (re)building at Frisco. Because of these changes, no races are scheduled at Frisco for the 2001-2002 winter season. Contact Julia if you'd like a copy of the "request for comments" document issued by the Forest Service in September. If you're interested helping out with the proposal and approval process on behalf of CBC, contact Dave Wells. Brannen Ulrick has been instrumental in our efforts on this project so far, supplemented by Dave Wells, Jim Kite, and the other Executive Board members. Thanks guys!

Winter Calendar

Safety certification: A winter safety certification clinic is scheduled for Saturday, November 24, from 10AM - 3PM at the Snow Mountain Ranch Nordic Center. If you (or any prospective winter biathletes that you know) need to attend a winter safety certification clinic, here's your chance. Contact Dave Wells ( to add your name to the clinic roster.

In addition to the annual camp in West Yellowstone (see race schedule below), Crested Butte Nordic extends an invitation to their Thanksgiving Training Camp, November 21-25. For additional information, contact Joni Clark, Crested Butte Nordic Director, PO Box 1269, Crested Butte, CO, 81224-1269. Phone is 970-349-1707, and you can reach them via email at

Winter race schedule: As noted in the Frisco range discussion, all of the CBC events this winter will be at Snow Mountain Ranch. Only one potential race date is on the schedule in February, because more than a few of us plan to volunteer at the Salt Lake City Olympics, and will be out of town for most of that month. Those of you who don't plan to venture to Utah should talk amongst yourselves and let the Club Secretary (Julia) know if you plan to actually hold a formal event on any of the February weekends. So that the insurance request(s) can be submitted in a timely manner, be sure to confirm these dates and identify the Competition Chief/race contact by the first week in January.

Note that there are four proposed race dates that have no competition chief already assigned (1/6/02, 1/27/02, 2/10/02, 3/17/02). Again, you don't need to be a certified official to fill these spots. Without a competition chief, no "official" point of contact for the race exists, and it follows that there is no way for racers to know whether or not the timing, course, and range will be prepared for the event. Remember, the Comp Chief doesn't have to do everything, but he or she does need to make sure someone is responsible for all of the race management tasks. Fred Call handled nearly all of the course activities last year, and his departure means that we have a big gap to fill in that area. Check your calendars and let Julia know where you can pitch in! The schedule is also available on the web site at

CBC Events

Date Event Contact/Competition Chief Range/Timing Chiefs Other details
No events scheduled.

Regional, National and International Events

Date Event Location Contact Other details
Mar 21-22 Western Regional Championships Casper, WY
Mar 27-29 USBA National Championships West Yellowstone, MT
Apr 3-5 Spring Nordic Fest Casper, WY
Apr 17-19 Biathlon Liatoppen Festival NOR

Web site news

The CBC web site continues to grow. New items include the beginning of an FAQ for Colorado biathlon activities, and various PDF versions of targets which can be printed out for your zeroing and practicing pleasure. More race management guidelines will be added in the very near future.

The USBA site is currently undergoing some renovations as well. Check your entry in the points list ( when you get a chance, and confirm that it's in the realm of possibility. If you find any problems, please send the details along to Julia.

Membership renewals

It's time once again to renew your CBC membership (or join up for the first time). Forms will be sent out in via US mail in the next week. Alternately, you can print one out from:

Executive Board contact information and mailing list addresses

Questions about CBC or our activities? Contact one of your board members. Names, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses are listed below.
Office Name E-mail
President Walter Warwick
Executive Vice-President Julia Collins
Board Chairman David Wells
Vice Pres./Snow Mtn. Dave Hixson
Vice Pres./Communication Stephanie Vu
Secretary Mark Schwab
Treasurer Henry Wheeler
Board Members at Large Elizabeth Pike, Brent Skoryi

Other contacts:

Role Name E-mail
Clothing orders Brian Woodard

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