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Spring/Early Summer 1998 Newsletter


CBC Annual Club Meeting

Nine members attended the meeting hosted by Lee Wood in Boulder. Present were Dave Martinez, Coy Toavs, Lee Wood, David Wells, Bob Hunnes, Julia Collins, Elizabeth Pike, Chip Schrader, Corrina Birnbaum and Jennifer Downey (who had to leave before the meeting got well underway). Thanks to those people for their valuable participation. Unfortunately, no representative from the Snow Mountain Group was present, which made it difficult to discuss and take action upon several club issues. We need your feedback on preferences for meeting schedules so that we can improve upon this meeting's turnout. At the time of the meeting Club President Dave Martinez was preparing for an extended work related absence until September, so the Board decided to proceed with as much decision making as possible. Some topics were left to be finalized at the next general meeting in November, around the time of the Thanksgiving Biathlon Camp at Snow Mountain. It was decided to leave the Board of Directors from this last season in place as an interim body for the coming summer season (see Board list below). The only addition to the current Board was Julia Collins graciously volunteering to be the Newsletter Editor and CBC Web page Manager. (W-303.492.0842, Thank you Julia!

The Board of Directors is currently:

Office Name Phone E-mail
President Dave Martinez H-303.932.0748
Board Chairman Bob Hunnes H-303.443.7099
Vice Pres./Snow Mtn. Jeff May H-970.887.2272
Vice Pres./Frisco(temp) David Wells H-303.985.4481
Vice Pres./Eldora Chip Schrader H-303.449.3745
Secretary Coy Toavs H-303.541.9495
Treasurer Lee Wood H-303.440.8694

On the subject of lack of club member participation, Dave M. stressed that in order for your ideas or concerns to be addressed by the Board, it is necessary for you to be proactive. Club policy changes require a vocal membership and a responsive governing body. The goal is to have a club that is fun and open to its members in a dynamic way. Over the past two seasons we've tried to make this goal a reality, and it has been successful in some ways and not yet in others. It takes an attitude of open cooperation and communication from everyone to make it work. Ideally, a club member should be able to express ideas and concerns to his/her representative Vice President or other Board Member, and the issue will be passed to the rest of the Board and addressed appropriately. The responsive participation of all Board Members is the key link in order to ensure that the club constituency is well represented, and that there is timely communication with the rest of the Board.

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Club Treasury / Expenses

The Treasury balance is approximately $2700 as of season's end. This may seem like a lot, but there are some expenses not yet deducted, including:
  1. Approximately $500-700 toward Daisy model 953 pellet rifles (with good sights and slings) for Junior shooters along with 3-4 pellet targets (these are items earmarked from the USBA grant for promoting Junior development).
  2. Lumber purchase for rifle racks at Eldora and Frisco.
  3. Lumber purchase for rebuilding the target platform at Snow Mountain.
  4. Summer race expenses.
  5. Travel costs for bringing in the instructor for the Coach/Official Certification Class.
  6. Sharing the cost of printed race bibs for Frisco with contributing sponsors, or getting club patches and/or stickers made.

We should also consider keeping a reserve for new targets as we can afford them. This pretty well takes up the whole bank account.

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Race Fees / Membership

Last season the Snow Mountain Nordic Center instituted a new policy for race entry fee disbursement to the club. In the past $3 from each $12 Senior entry went into the club treasury. This was changed to $1 per entry. Jim Young cited the need to show more revenue from the Biathlon races held at Snow Mountain. Since this entry money is the club's single biggest source of income, the Board decided to raise the entry fee for Snow Mountain races to $15 for Seniors, leaving the Junior entry fee at $8. Entry fees at Frisco will remain $12 for Seniors and $8 for Juniors, since we have a different fee arrangement there. Club memberships will stay $10/Senior, $5/Junior, and $15/Family. It was reported that some people raced throughout the season without a CBC membership. It was decided that CBC membership be required to race at Club events, with the option of paying a slightly higher entry fee if you only plan to do one race and/or prefer not to join the club.

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Class Champion Selection

The pursuit race format we've experimented with the past two seasons has not worked out well. Suggestions have been made to use a "percent back" type of points structure (similar to the one used for the National Points List) to determine the top skier in each class. The classes are Men's Senior and Master, Women's Senior and Master, and Junior Boys and/or Girls as applicable. Hopefully this approach will eliminate many of the problems we encountered. We'll include this topic as an agenda item at the Fall meeting so that we can reach an arrangement everyone understands before the season starts.

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Junior Development

A National Development Camp is scheduled for July 28 - Aug.5 in Jericho, VT. This camp is for the 13-15 year old who is a talented athlete but has little biathlon experience. Four boys and four girls will be sent from this region. They will be selected from a testing format available from Joan Guetschow at the Rocky Mountain RCE in Utah (801.645.7660), or Thad Barnes in Durango (970.259.5844). Joan is also putting together a web page for this region that will have more camp info on it - see

For the experienced junior biathlete, there will be a National Junior Camp in Jericho Aug.9 - Aug.24. Each RCE coach will be bringing a team of qualified juniors. Athletes will be set up in groups of equal talent from around the country. Contact Joan for this as well.

Snow Mountain has asked the club to generate more Junior events, which we'll need to address at the Fall club meeting to develop dates and formats. In order to effectively pursue this we need a coordinator of Junior Development. It would be this person's duty to oversee the club's efforts and be in direct touch with Joan Guetschow and the roster of Juniors in the area. We can't really make this a reality unless someone steps forward to do it. Future sponsorship and funding for the club will depend heavily on our Juniors program.

There is a target available for use as a Junior Development target at a location in Colorado other than the three ranges we now use. If you would like to submit a proposal outlining your plan for its use, the following criteria must be addressed:

  1. Junior Development - this means you can't just set it up in your back yard for fun. Present a plan for its use and what the potential is in the area for exposing new Juniors to biathlon.
  2. Ease of public access to the target site to enable more training potential and participation.
  3. Land use permission and safe range configuration.
  4. CBC participation - the Juniors using the target must race in a minimum of 3-4 CBC races during the season.

Submit your written request to the CBC Board of Directors. Proposals can be sent to Coy Toavs, Club Secretary, 2962 Shadow Creek Dr. #309, Boulder, CO 80303 or to his email address above.

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Snow Mountain and Frisco Targets

Dave M. reported he'd received orders that the ten Guard targets at Snow Mountain be checked in with the Quartermaster's office while not in use over the Summer. This means transporting them to Denver, which Dave was to set up with Guard personnel. In Dave's absence, Kory Kipferl agreed to be the Guard liaison to oversee the return of the targets to Snow Mountain this fall. There will be a tight window of access to the Snow Mountain range the week prior to the Summer race on August 23. This means a coordinated effort of club members to reinstall them. If for some reason the targets aren't available from the Guard by the August race date, we will use the 6 club targets from Frisco and Eldora as backups. Bill Hay will need help from everyone to set things up and help make the race run smoothly. Dave Wells has retrieved the Frisco targets and range signs, and will store them over the summer.

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Results Faux Pas

Somehow Holly Lerner's race time from the Governor's Cup was not tabulated on the results, for which Dave Wells expresses his embarrassed apologies as race manager. She had a close finish too! Luckily, her shooting score has been included in the overall shooting results, with the help of Scott Copeland. A good thing, since it was her best shooting of the season. Sorry, Holly!

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Rules Clarifications

There were some questions after the Feb. 22 Snow Mountain race regarding hand loading extra rounds and reinserting clips while shooting. Here are the rules as they appear in the IBU Rulebook:

Rule 9.4.2 - Use of Magazine
...If rounds are lost from the magazine or fail to fire, a new magazine may not be used for loading. Such rounds must be loaded individually. If a magazine is lost, it may be replaced with another magazine.
Rule 9.5.2 - Loading and Unloading
The rifle may be loaded and unloaded only with the barrel pointed in the direction of the targets. To insert a magazine into the rifle is part of the loading procedure. When moving from one firing point to another, the competitor must first unload his rifle and place the rifle on his back in the normal carrying position.
Rule 9.6.1 - Misfires and Lost Rounds
Misfired or lost rounds may be replaced by a competitor if he is carrying spare rounds. If he is not carrying spare rounds, replacement rounds may be obtained by the competitor from a Range Official by raising his hand and saying "Bullets" and the name of his nation loudly. The Range Official who responds will get the spare rounds from the team's reserve rifle or from the team's support staff behind the range and deliver them to the competitor. (Note: In our club scenario, a nation doesn't need to be called out and generic rounds will be given if the competitor doesn't have his own spares. A competitor may carry his own brand of spare rounds in a relay magazine or standard magazine. However, he may not remove the original magazine he inserted at the start of that shooting stop.)
Disqualification Rule 12.6.19
Using a second magazine instead of loading lost rounds, replacement rounds for misfires, or Relay rounds individually. (9.4.2)

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Visiting Skiers

It was an honor to have had some excellent foreign biathletes race with us this season. Vladimir and Petra Cervenka from the Czech Republic and Kirill Boldyrev from Russia were a treat to watch. We hope they join us again whenever it's possible, and convey our best regards to them.

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CBC Class Champions

Class champions were decided at the final (pursuit style) race of the season. This year's champions were:
Senior Men Dave Cleveland
Senior Women Ramona May
Masters Men Jeff May
Masters Women Julia Collins
Junior Boys Jeremy Randle
Junior Girls Lanny Barnes

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National Championships, Val Cartier, Quebec

The USBA Nationals this year were combined with the Canadian National Championships, offering a great opportunity for interesting travel as well as a chance to see some excellent competition. Dave Cleveland, Corrina Birnbaum and Chip Schrader made the trip and came back with many photos and stories. Weather was not very cooperative, beginning with some fresh snow but deteriorating steadily with warm temperatures and rainy conditions. Dave placed in the mid-thirties for a respectable showing. Chip found that the Masters field in his age group consisted of 2 skiers, the other one a Canadian, so they decided to race with the Senior Men - a very fast group as it turned out. Corinna had Rifle Problems From Hell, but persevered and came back with a positive experience overall, and gained the respect of those who had given her a hand. Since the CBC doesn't have a club jacket or uniform, people were wondering "who are they?" Maybe we can come up with some sort of club patch to help identify our skiers in the future. (Dave Wells is working on an idea he's had that could be used for a patch and stickers. Hopefully by the Summer race we can get a look at it. Julia also did some doodling, and took advantage of her editorial position to add her logo ideas to this newsletter. Send her your feedback!)

Chip shared his great photos of the old city at the club meeting. He said one visit wasn't enough, and hopes to return in the future.

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West Yellowstone Biathlon Clinic and Race

National Summer Team member Marc Sheppard will be hosting a clinic on shooting and training plans for Summer and Winter Biathlon on July 15, 16 and 17. Clinic price is $60/day, and single day participation is available. There are possible hotel accommodations for camp participants, or you can arrange your own camping or hotel plans. A couple of other National Team members will be on hand as coaches for general biathlon input (mainly summer). There will be a pair of races that weekend, on the 18th in Bozeman at 10:00 - contact Jean MacInnes (406.586.9070), and on the 19th at West Yellowstone at 9:00 - contact Marc (406.646.0012, or Jennifer Downey is planning to go and is willing to coordinate travel with other CBC members who'd like to go. Contact her at 303.443.1135 or send e-mail to (put "biathlon" in the subject line so that it goes straight to her!)

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Coach/Official Certification Clinic

The dates of September 11, 12, and 13 are confirmed for our coach/official certification clinic. The evening of Friday 9/11, and all day Saturday 9/12 (approximately a 9-5 schedule) will comprise the officials' portion of the clinic. Those who desire the coaches' certification will need to attend Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The cost is $70 for the coach certification, and $35 if you are only attending the Friday/Saturday officials' certification. Study materials will be sent in early August, so we need to have a good idea of who's taking the class by then. Contact Dave Wells or Julia Collins if you're interested in attending the clinic.

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Rifle Safety Certification Clinics

There will be four planned Certification Clinics this next season. Dates will be determined along with the race schedule and sent out with the Fall newsletter. All Certification Clinics are free of charge, but USBA membership is required to practice or race. (Note that one day memberships available.) The tentative certification schedule is:
  1. Summer Biathlon Orientation. Aug. 23 and Sept. 5, the morning of each Summer race at Snow Mountain. These will be short presentations to prepare newcomers for the race that day only. There will not be a test and participants will not receive their Certification Red Book, although they will receive a card indicating attendance if they wish to take part in the full Winter Certification.
  2. Thanksgiving Biathlon Camp, as part of the three day program that precedes each Winter race season, usually on a Saturday. This will be the full day clinic with test and range procedure orientation.
  3. Late Dec./Early Jan. - full day clinic.
  4. Late Jan./Early Feb. - full day clinic.

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Newsletter Issue Dates

Proposed Newsletter mailings will be mid-July prior to the Summer Races, pre-season/mid-October (containing the Season Race Schedule and CBC membership form), early season/mid-January (containing a current phone list), end of season/early May (containing season's results and news from annual club meeting). As you can see, we're already late on this issue, but hopefully we'll soon get back on schedule. If you'd like to submit something to include in the Newsletter, please send it by the 20th of April, June, September, or December to:
Julia Collins, 1656 North St.
Boulder, CO 80304

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