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Summer 2000 Newsletter


  • Minutes from annual meeting
  • Tentative winter race schedule
  • Latest World Cup/Olympic volunteer information
  • Classifieds
  • Summer race results

Minutes from the CBC (approximately) annual club meeting

CBC members gathered at Tommy Knocker's in Idaho Springs, CO, on April 16, 2000. Following are the highlights from our discussion. Board elections:

We agreed that we could live without a member-at-large at this point.

Bill Hay is again coordinating the summer races at Snow Mountain Ranch (many thanks, Bill!). Julia will send him a list of Level 1 officials so that he can encourage their participation in the race organization.

In summary, the CBC Board of Directors is as follows:

Office Name Phone E-mail
President David Wells H-303.985.4481
Board Chairman Elizabeth Pike 303-449-9303
Vice Pres./Snow Mtn. Jeff May H-970.887.2272
Dave Cleveland H-970.726.9514
Vice Pres./Frisco Jim Kite H-970.668.0500
George Rutherford

Vice Pres./Eldora Chip Schrader H-303.449.3745
Secretary Julia Collins 303.946.5298
Treasurer Mary Wagner H-303.255.3655
Summer Race Director Bill Hay H-303.399.9194

Treasury report: Our large target expenditures represented the bulk of Club expenses over the last year.

Snow Mountain Ranch status:

Eldora status:
The Eldora target has been removed from its site and stored. (Many thanks to the Eldora Nordic Center staff for supplying snowmobile target transportation.) The rifle rack and target platform appear to be in good shape and were left on-site.

Frisco status:

Inventory report:


Latest volunteer information from Judy Spencer

Some of you may have already received this information from Judy Spencer. Contact Judy for the latest and greatest status on volunteer organization efforts.
Dear Biathlon Volunteer:

On a For Your Information note, you may get, or have gotten, a letter from the SLOC Volunteer Information Center which refers to setting up an interview, etc. Please be aware that this letter was sent to virtually everybody who had been identified as interested in being a volunteer for the Games. The letter was aimed at the 20,000 or more general volunteers needed for all of the various support and logistical functions, and not aimed specifically at the 3-4,000 experienced volunteers like yourself who have been, or will be, "targeted" for on-the-field-of-play, many of whom already have expressed commitment. You may also have been "selected" for a function other than Biathlon. Please ignore this part of the letter. There will be additional, and much more specific communications to Sport volunteers for Biathlon.

All of the volunteers for the Games will need to deal with a couple of contacts with the Volunteer Information Center. Every volunteer needs to submit the volunteer application, which can be accessed on-line at, and every volunteer will have direct contact, a "first interview", either in person in the Salt Lake City area or by telephone in the case of volunteers who will not be in the area prior to working any future training or test events.

If you have questions about the volunteer recruitment process for the Games or about any of the materials, please give me a call at 801 572-0145, or send an e-mail and I will either have answers or find them for you.

Please share this information with other Biathlon volunteers.

Judy Spencer
Biathlon Volunteer Coordinator

Tentative winter race schedule for 2000-2001

Date Race/Event Contact
Saturday November 25, 2000, 10AM Rifle Safety Certification Dave Wells (303) 985-4481
December 17, 2000
SMR Race #1 (sprint format) Jeff May or Dave Cleveland 970-887-2272 (Jeff), 970-726-9514 (Dave)
January 14, 2001
SMR Race #2 (sprint format) Jeff May or Dave Cleveland 970-887-2272 (Jeff), 970-726-9514 (Dave)
January 27 OR February 3, 2001
Governor's Cup, Frisco (sprint format) Julia Collins 303-946-5298
February 11, 2001
SMR Race #3 (sprint format) Jeff May or Dave Cleveland 970-887-2272 (Jeff), 970-726-9514 (Dave)
February 24, 2001
Frisco Four Shoot, Frisco (individual format) Julia Collins 303-946-5298
March 3, 2001
SMR Race #4 (sprint format) Jeff May or Dave Cleveland 970-887-2272 (Jeff), 970-726-9514 (Dave)
March 4, 2001
SMR Race #5 (pursuit format?) Jeff May or Dave Cleveland 970-887-2272 (Jeff), 970-726-9514 (Dave)

A Rocky Mountain Race Series is also in the works, which will tentatively include our December 17 and March 3-4 races. Marc Sheppard is coordinating this effort, and hopes to include Bozeman, West Yellowstone, and Heber (UT) in addition to Colorado in the list of race venues. Stay tuned to your e-mail for further information later this fall.

Other very important events: We will need volunteers to help at work days for both the Snow Mountain Ranch and Frisco venues. Please let the VPs for each of those sites know if you can help out (see Board of Directors contact information earlier in this newsletter).


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