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Summer 2002 Newsletter


  • Message from the President
  • Summer race news
  • Range (re)building schedule
  • Annual meeting minutes
  • Race/safety certification schedule 2002-2003
  • Report from the trails: A Dutchman on skis and with a gun?!
  • Race and shooting results
  • "Basic training" possibilities for volunteers/officials
  • Newsletter writers wanted!
  • Board contact information

Message from the President

Greetings CBC members,

Last season was a very full one with eight races, making us one of the most active clubs in the USBA. Luckily sufficient snow covered the trails all the way through! A successful season is a direct result of many people's efforts - the Club thanks ALL those who gave the time and spirit to make the successful season possible.

Race Schedule: We ended last season with the resurrection of a Pairs Relay format we'd tried a few seasons ago and it turned out to be a popular choice, so we've expanded this to start next season with a similar Pairs Relay, and have a tentative second Relay after the Pursuit Weekend, weather and race staff permitting as always. We've also tentatively scheduled an Individual format race (20K for Men, 15K for Women; four shooting stops) normally held at our Frisco venue to further fill out the diversity of race experience for the Club. More challenges, more fun! Another previous club function coming back next year is a potluck at the end of the season to help promote more social interaction with other Club members. This is scheduled for the Saturday evening after the Sprint event of the Pursuit Weekend.

Race Chiefs: As the club continues to mature, it's gratifying to see more involvement from club members in the management of races as officials and support volunteers. This is vital to our continued growth, diversifying the capability to manage races among a wider group of members. In this way the club doesn't depend on a limited few all the time, establishing a larger number to share the responsibilities and allowing everyone to get more racing in. If you were to set aside one race a season to work, we could all be contributing to the functions of the club AND racing as well. That's the goal. Details on race day management are available at the CBC web site. See also the "Basic training" possibilities for volunteers/officials section near the end of this newsletter for information about the possibility of "classroom" training sessions for race management tasks.

Range News: After the Summer Race weekend Aug. 17-18, we will begin the total rebuilding of the Snow Mountain target platform which has been in the works for about three years now. This will require many hands and can hopefully be accomplished over two weekends (four days). Please plan to help with this project, even if only for one day. It should be the last time for such extensive work at SMR (the Frisco target platform rebuild will hopefully be next summer). Please contact Greg Wagner (303-404-8963, for information about the work schedule, or for questions about the project.

International Spotlight: Former CBC members Lanny and Tracy Barnes from Durango made U.S. Biathlon history with a second Place finish at the Junior World Championship as members of the Team Relay event. This is the first ever podium finish for U.S. Junior Women! In addition, Lanny placed third in the Individual (12.5K) event, missing only one shot, and finishing a mere 2.7 seconds out of second place. Congratulations to these two terrific ladies who have a very bright future ahead!

Finally, on behalf of the entire Club, I'd like to extend a special thanks to Jane Utiger and Ben Harding for their efforts this season handling the pellet range preparation, scoring and kid/parent interface duties! With our resources stretched thin on the Senior range, Jane in particular was absolutely instrumental in providing a positive experience for the Youth Biathletes this year, including her idea to give all Youth participants a Blue Ribbon as a souvenir of participation to look back on and be proud of. Ben stepped forward into the hotseat, acting as Competition Chief for the February 10 race with no previous experience at that level. Special thanks also go out to Chip Schrader and Peg Young for their Competition Chief efforts in January and March. This kind of contribution is what makes a really good club, and we're steadily on the way to better things because of efforts like these!

David Wells

Summer race news

The Summer Biathlon tradition continues at Snow Mountain Ranch this August 17 and 18 with both running and mountain biking categories. Registration and safety briefings start at 0900 both days, and the range will be open for zero at 0930. Races start at 11:00 (or slightly later). A Match sprint event for elites (real or self-appointed), will start first, followed by a Sport event for everyone else. After all (or most) of the runners are in, the mountain bike biathlon will start. This event features the same course for all racers, and a mass start -- unless we have more than five entrants, in which case racers will start at one minute intervals, or alternately a mass start for the competitive hot shots and intervals for the others. After all of that, we'll keep busy with a Shoot-off until the awards are presented.

An entry form is available on-line at Forms were mailed to all currently paid club members on 7/29/02. You may also contact Bill Hay (303-399-9194, if you need another mailed to you. We need both racers and volunteers! Again, contact Bill Hay to sign up for either role.

Range (re)building schedule

Several September weekend days have been proposed for range work; the final schedule is waiting for approval from Snow Mountain Ranch and a couple of other key players. Please contact Greg Wagner (303-404-8963, if you plan to participate in this rebuilding effort. He can provide additional information about the work schedule, and answer questions about the project.

Annual meeting minutes

The annual CBC Board/membership meeting was held April 14, 2002. A brief summary of the minutes follows. Thanks to all members who attended and contributed to the governance of the Club!

Treasurer's report: Cash flow could be an issue with regard to range rebuilding plans -- depends on what supplies need to be purchased when. Greg is seeking donated supplies where possible, and SMR has agreed to help out in some capacity. Hank Stone may be able to donate some of the lumber (thanks, Hank!!). We still need to purchase a plaque for listing class champions!

Rifle purchases/maintenance: All agreed that we should replace the stock broken last season, but we should hold off on purchasing any new rifles. A "rifle rental" fee was proposed; any proceeds would be used to fund this and other rifle maintenance needs. This would apply only to .22 rifles (not the pellet rifles). $5.00 was generally accepted as the rental amount. This will be added to the entry forms.

Other pricing changes: $5.00 was also proposed as the amount to charge for attendance at the rifle safety certification clinics. Again, this will be used to cover expenses for those clinics (copying, ammunition, etc.). Finally, it was suggested that race entry fees be raised slightly so that we can fund SMR support of our races. Adult race fees will be raised to $15.00; juniors will continue to pay $8.00.

Certification: The safety certification will be moved to the weekend after Thanksgiving, pending SMR approval of this date. Concerns were raised as to the best way to ensure race participants are safety certified. We can attempt to keep a list of locally certified people with the race registration materials. However, the best method is to have individuals present their "Red Books." We also discussed whether attendance at the certification clinic (as well as races) should require disclosure of any criminal record or other reasons why an individual shouldn't handle a .22. Nomi Notman et al. will continue to research this issue and suggest actions.

Board "elections": All VPs can (and are willing to) continue in their current roles. However, we need a new President before Dave Wells' enthusiasm is completely exhausted! The club will seek nominations for (and election of) a new Board member, with the goal of phasing that new Board member into the role of President.

Bylaws, revisited: Mary Wagner noted that our (elected) Board was essentially electing themselves as Club Officers. This appears to be legal within the definitions specified in our bylaws. All agreed that the requirement for USBA membership in Section 3.5, item 3, could be removed, as participants' USBA membership doesn't affect the Club's liability insurance status. Additionally, e-mail may be added as an approved means of doing business. A copy of the bylaws is on-line at

High school activities: Hank Stone reported that a recent CHASA rule change might allow high school athletes to attend our Sunday races. He knows at least three high school racers that would like to try biathlon.

Thanks to those who got us where we are today: It was felt that some specific Club members had gone above and beyond the call of duty over the past season(s). We would like to thank in particular Jane Utiger and Ben Harding for all of their efforts (see the Message from the President at the beginning of this newsletter). Peg Young also noted that Jim Young and Dave Martinez should be commended for their past support of the club.

Schedules: See the Race/safety certification schedule section below for proposed dates. Several format options were discussed, including a more casual relay for both the first and last races, along with a potluck dinner after the first day of racing at the pursuit weekend. There was also some enthusiasm for an Individual format event -- it's on the proposed schedule below!

Information for officials/volunteers: Julia Collins is considering putting together a seminar/class which would provide a general overview of what it takes to put on a local race. Several people expressed interest in this possibility. A little more detail is provided in the "Basic training" possibilities for volunteers/officials section below.

Other clinics in the works: Peg Young is working with Cory Salmela to put together a shooting clinic in the Boulder area. Cost will probably be around $15.00/person. Stay tuned...

Race/safety certification schedule 2002-2003

Unless otherwise stated, events are at Snow Mountain Ranch/YMCA of the Rockies.

Date Race/Event Contact
Aug 17, 2002 SMR Summer Biathlon Bill Hay 303-399-9194,
Aug 18, 2002 SMR Summer Biathlon Bill Hay 303-399-9194,
October 4-6, 2002 Summer biathlon National Championships (Grand Rapids, MN) Vladimir Cervenka 218-259-6357,
December 7, 2002 Safety certification clinic
Snow Mountain Ranch Nordic Center, upstairs, 10AM
David Wells 303-985-4481,
December 15, 2002 Pairs relay Julia Collins 303-946-5298,
January 12, 2003 Sprint Chip Schrader 303-449-3745

Additionally, these race dates and formats (below) were proposed. They each need a point of contact (competition chief) before they can be added to the final schedule, as well as final approval from SMR regarding the date. If you can take responsibility for one or more of these proposed events, please let Julia know as soon as possible. Contact her at 303-946-5298, or

PROPOSED DATE Race/Event Notes/status
January 26, 2003 Governor's Cup sprint TENTATIVE - NEED COMP CHIEF
February 9, 2003 sprint TENTATIVE - NEED COMP CHIEF
February 22, 2003 individual TENTATIVE - NEED COMP CHIEF
March 15, 2003 sprint TENTATIVE - NEED COMP CHIEF
March 16, 2003 pursuit TENTATIVE - NEED COMP CHIEF
March 23, 2003 pairs relay TENTATIVE - NEED COMP CHIEF

Report from the trails: A Dutchman on skis and with a gun?!

This report filed by Paul Ijs, new CBC member and enthusiastic competitor!

16th of March 2002, my first biathlon. I couldn't wait to get into it. A month before I had the pleasure of watching the top biathletes at work during the Winter Olympics. I was full of admiration for these Men and Women, very close to worshiping them. 22-25 seconds to clear a station, is something I can only dream about. Not only that, they seem like flying around the course. I had visions of being the only Dutch Biathlon entry in the 2006 Olympics, like the competitor from Thailand in the Cross Country skiing.

Here I was at my first race, back on earth again. It had been 2 years since I last skated and even then I was still working on my technique. (I took half a day off the Wednesday before just to get used to my new skis and skating again).

The clock was slowly ticking the seconds away. Nearly my turn! In the background I could hear "Racer coming". The first starter had already returned to the shooting range. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO! Off I went! A strange sensation came over me, everything went silent but for my heavy breathing.

The first round was heavy. My body had not warmed up enough and I had to stop several times to catch my breath. Two thirds of the way things improved significantly and the sight of the range was very welcome, especially after the long climb on the purple run.

My, does that saucer ever stop moving? Focus, Bang, got it! Focus, Bang, got it! I am on a roll, bang, missed it! What is going on here, bang, missed it again! By now I never regained my focus and missed the last target as well.

Link to photo of Paul and his "customized" rifle stock Dang it, three penalty loops later I was back on course, the Blue loop this time. The warning sign 'steep hill' made me decide to take the safety of the tram rails and slide down. How interesting indeed, when the rails decided to stop. I hit the rough full on and to this day do not recall the sequence of events before ending upside down and waist deep in the snow. When I saw the stock dangling I knew something was seriously wrong here. Digging out of the snow was the hardest part of the race and once back on track I assessed the damage. 'Fortunately' only limited to material damage. I tied the shoulder strap to the bolt and continued my race.

The people at the range were excellent. They asked about my health rather than the state of the gun and quickly provided me with another rifle to complete the shooting. They motivated me to go on and finish the race.

The last lap was rather uneventful, if it wasn't for the snow shower and the fact that I missed the turning to the finish. A short cut landed me again knee deep in snow and another struggle to get out. One hour and 6 minutes later I finished with the biggest smile on my face for ages. I WAS HOOKED!!

I understand that David Wells scores in the lower 50's and he is the one I have set my sights on. The man to beat next season. As Arnie says "I'll be back!"

Race and shooting results

In the interest of simplicity, only the links to all results are listed here.

Other race results: Congratulations to Seth Kienzle, who finished first in his age group at the 2002 Bolder Boulder 10K! Seth was first among males aged 12, with a time of 42:32.

"Basic training" possibilities for volunteers/officials

We're entertaining the possibility of organizing an informal "seminar" or two, to review the basics of running a race. The goal of such a meeting would be to prepare people to handle the various "chief" duties for our local races. If we do schedule such an event, it would probably be in the Boulder vicinity. If you're interested, please contact Julia (303-946-5298, so that we can gauge whether this is an idea worth pursuing.

If you'd like to pursue more formal training to support your officiating duties, subscribe to the biathlon-officials mailing list. This list is used to post information about officials' training and certification opportunities. For information about the list, and/or to subscribe, go to:

Newsletter writers wanted!

The Club is in need of a volunteer to handle the compilation and editing of the newsletter. Julia (Club secretary) can provide the mailing labels for those recipients that receive their newsletters via US mail, and will take care of posting the newsletter on our web site. Contact her (303-946-5298, if you're able to help out.

CBC Board

Need to get in touch with one of the Board members? See the contact information below. And don't forget to check out our web site at:
for additional information about Colorado Biathlon activities, equipment for sale, race management notes, our FAQ, and more.

Office Name E-mail
President Walter Warwick
Executive Vice-President Julia Collins
Board Chairman David Wells
Vice Pres./Snow Mtn. Dave Hixson
Vice Pres./Communication Stephanie Vu
Secretary Mark Schwab
Treasurer Henry Wheeler
Board Members at Large Elizabeth Pike, Brent Skoryi

Other contacts:

Role Name E-mail
Clothing orders Brian Woodard

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