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If you can't be fast, you'd better be clever. - Jacquie Phelan, Mountain Bike Hall-of-Famer

Note: Former CBC Secretary and member Coy Toavs was involved in a single car accident in early January, and currently remains in a coma. As of this writing, the visitor list is restricted to family, but Elizabeth Pike has been tape-recording readings for him. Let her know if you'd like to join her in this effort. Cards may be sent to him or his family care of Boulder Community Hospital Room 317, 1100 Balsam, Boulder, CO, 80304. Please keep him in your thoughts.

Board Notes

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Race Reports

Early season weather patterns were uncooperative, resulting in postponement of the Laramie race originally scheduled for December 12, 1998, Race 1 in the Snow Mountain Ranch series, and the Frisco race on January 16. Additionally, the Utah Winter Games Biathlon (January 9 and 10, 1999) was cancelled and the World Team Trials in Lake Placid saw a revised schedule.

Lanny Barnes, Tracy Barnes and Dave Cleveland attended the World Team Trials. In the first race, Tracy placed 7th and Lanny placed 10th. Lanny improved her time in the second race, coming in 4th place, while Tracy earned 7th place honors. In the final race, Tracy finished in 4th, while Lanny came in 8th place. Tracy was named to the International Youth Team for women 17 and under. She will compete in three biathlon races to be held in Norway and Sweden from February 20 - March 1, 1999. Tracy placed 5th overall in points, with the top 6 point-getters being selected for the International Youth Team. Lanny, who placed 7th overall, missed making the International Youth Team by 78/100 of a point.

Dave's first sprint event ended up with disqualification for skiing the course wrong. Fortunately the scoring used the best two of three races. In the second sprint (10K), he posted a 21st place finish with 70% shooting. He also got to experience frostbite on nose and chin. In race #3 (individual start 7.5K relay format), he finished strong with a 25th place result and 90% shooting (wow!). These results are about 10 places higher than last year at Olympic Trials, so it was a good race series despite the horrible weather.

Congratulations to all three on putting together some great racing!

Snow Mountain Biathlon Series Race II, Jan 10, 1999

Snow at last!

Place Bib Name
Ski Time Pr St
1 40 ANDY HAY JR 00:36:16 0 3
00:39:442* 4
00:40:33 1 4
00:42:58 3 4
00:43:14 1 4
6 42 JEREMY RANDLE JR 00:43:58 3 3
7 38 NICK WALDOW JR 00:44:05 4 5
00:45:38 5 2
00:47:32 3 5
00:47:36 2 3
11 37 BILL HAY
00:49:24 4 3
00:50:14 0 2
00:59:13 2 2
01:01:181* 1
01:04:28 4 4
01:07:53 1 0
01:11:13 2 4
Place Bib Name Ski Time Pr St
1 5 RAMONA MAY 00:30:01 0 3
2 3 WEATHERLY STROH 00:36:52 3 5
3 1 HOLLY COPELAND 00:37:35 2 4
4 4 JENNIFER DOWNEY 00:40:19 4 4


Place Bib Name Ski Time Pr St Penalty Time Total Time
1 11 SETH KIENZLE 00:19:16 2 0 00:00:30 00:19:46
2 10 CLAY HARDING 00:27:53 0 0 00:00:00 00:27:53
3 12 LUKE HARDING 00:28:10 1 3 00:01:00 00:29:10

*These are corrected shooting scores. Changes don't affect placing or USBA points, but will be used in calculating year-end CBC shooting results.

Snow Mountain Kids Biathlon Day, Sunday, Jan 17, 1999

Thanks go out to Dave Martinez and the Snow Mountain Ranch staff for hosting a youth biathlon day on January 17. This was a day of education for the pellet-gun crowd, and included a short race.

Results of the pellet gun 1.8 km event (15 second penalty per miss, 2 shooting stations, 5 shots each prone only):
Name Age Sex Ski Time Shooting Total
SETH KIENZLE 9 M 17.09 2 17.39
SAM HOIDAL 7 M 18.25 1 18.40
ANDRREW SCOTT 12 M 19.20 4 20.20
PATRICK COLEMAN 12 M 22.10 1 22.25
DAVID KRIMSTOCK 8 M 25.30 5 26.45
CAITLAN DEE 10 F 31.30 8 33.30
BRENNA DEE 6 F 33.00 7 34.45

Snow Mountain Biathlon Series Race III, Jan 24, 1999

Place Bib Name Club/
Ski Time Pr St Penalty Time Total Time
1 10 BRADLEY READY CBC00.19.26 2 2 00.01.00 00.20.26
00.19.45 2 3 00.01.15 00.20.59
00.31.40 5 2 00.01.45 00.33.25
Place Bib Name Club/
Ski Time Pr St
1 53 DAVE CLEVELAND SM 00.36.38 2 3
2 52 ANDREW HAY SM 00.38.10 3 3 JR
00.40.47 5 5
4 56 JOSHUA WALTON SM 00.40.48 2 3
5 55 NICK WALDOW SM 00.41.28 4 4 JR
6 54 FRED CALL SR 00.43.12 5 3
7 57 CHIP SCHRADER CBC 00.44.47 2 2
8 58 BILL HAY SM 00.44.55 2 0 M
9 62 JEREMY RANDLE SM 00.45.14 4 5 JR
10 59 IAN CLARK GSO 00.46.54 3 3
01.05.29 1 2
12 60 DAVID SHOULDERSCBC 01.05.52 2 1 M
Place Bib Name Club/
Ski Time Pr St
1 17 TRACY BARNES CBC 00.28.15 0 1 JR
2 16 LANNY BARNES CBC 00.30.02 1 2 JR
3 20 ELIZABETH PIKE CBC 00.35.01 1 3
00.36.47 5 3
5 19 JULIA COLLINS CBC 00.37.42 0 3 M
6 15 JENNIFER DOWNEY CBC 00.37.46 2 4
00.38.41 5 5

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Schedule of Remaining Races

Don't forget, the Frisco Governor's Cup Biathlon is Saturday, February 6. We need competitors and volunteers! Please let Dave Wells know if you're available to help work the race (303-985-4481,

Editor's note: Check out the archived winter 1998-1999 race results for an idea of our past race schedule.

RMRCE These races are part of the 1998-1999 Rocky Mountain RCE Race Series
For more information on the Race Series, please contact Joan Guetschow at 435-615-8583, or e-mail

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Volunteering Opportunities for Certified Officials

A reminder, if you're interested in adding to your officiating credentials at the NRS race in Utah on February 20 and 21, check with Utah Biathlon president Gary Wallin (801-254-1562). Contact the Chamber Bureau in Heber Valley for lodging information (435-654-3666 or (see also the race lodging information below). Contact Tracy Lamb if you're interested in helping out at the World Cup event in Lake Placid the following week ( Biathlon volunteers for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games are currently being organized by John Aalberg, Salt Lake Organizing Committee, 801-322-2002.

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Race Lodging Information

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Rules and Procedures ...A few reminders for training and racing...

Nordic center and range etiquette:
  • We're all responsible for cleaning up after ourselves at the respective ranges. This includes removing any paper used for zeroing/training, picking up used rounds, rolling up cords, and picking up carpet. All of our ranges are on public display every time someone passes by, and if properly maintained can help foster positive publicity for the sport and our club.

  • Occasionally people are taking loaded magazines into the various nordic centers. Get in the habit of clearing magazines completely before leaving the range. Loaded magazines should only exist on the range. This prevents dry-firing disasters, too! (See IBU Rule, Safety Check After Shooting below.)

  • Remember: Rifles aren't allowed in the nordic centers at both Frisco and Eldora. Keep the rifle covered when you're not around to avoid any curiosity seekers.

  • Nordic center sign-in at Frisco and Eldora: Because these two Nordic Centers don't have the familiarity of the Biathlon group that Snow Mountain does, we should make an effort to keep an ongoing sign-in/sign-out sheet of everyone practicing at Frisco or Eldora. At Frisco, the sign-in/out form is at the Nordic Center desk. We'll try to keep an updated list of Safety Certified members on hand to safeguard against unauthorized use and hazards. It's a good idea to keep your Red Book and USBA card with your rifle so that you can verify your status. Signing out is important so that the Nordic Center can be sure no one is left out on the range at sundown.

    At Eldora, Chip Schrader (Club VP for Eldora) has suggested trying a mailbox-type location for the sign-in/out at the range itself. This is basically a safety issue and it's up to us to keep track of who's using the range, and is our part of the bargain with getting USBA insurance coverage.

Race organization:
Following up on the last newsletter's suggestion to appoint a formal jury, the following approach has been proposed: For the immediate future, Competition Juries should be comprised of at least three club members who are either Board Officers, Certified Officials or National level competitors dependent on who participates in the race on a given date.

There are still a few rules that come back to haunt many of us in the heat of competition. Here are the rules as they appear in the newest (6/98) IBU Handbook, for your review...
  • IBU Rule 7.1.3, Wrong Trail: If a competitor takes the wrong trail, he must return back to the point where he made the wrong turn, along the part of the trail he skied in error. In order to do so, the competitor may have to ski against the correct ski direction and is totally responsible for ensuring that he does not obstruct or endanger other competitors. There is no penalty for having committed an error as long as no time advantage has been gained and there is no interference with other competitors.

  • A recent memo from the USBA Safety Committee Chairman clarified the "Open Bolt Rule" to include removal of the inserted magazine. In other words, any time you take the rifle off your back, open the bolt and take out the clip. Quoting the memo: "The greatest potential danger in Biathlon is leaving cartridges in your magazine after you finish shooting." Here is the related IBU rule:
    IBU Rule, Safety Check After Shooting: After each shooting bout the rifle must be unloaded - that is - no round may be left in the chamber or [remain] in the inserted magazine. However, it is permitted to leave a [spent] cartridge case in the chamber and the empty magazine in the rifle after the last bout [in a race].

    In Training and Zeroing: the competitor must perform a Safety Check on the shooting range after his last shooting by opening the bolt and removing the inserted magazine, with the barrel pointed toward the target.

    For those competitors who are not carrying the rifle, but are relying on a coach/official/parent to bring the rifle to the lane, the procedure is as follows:
    1. The competitor enters the shooting lane, drops poles, and assumes their prone/standing shooting position.
    2. The rifle with barrel pointed up/down range is carried to the shooting lane and handed to the competitor.
    3. The loaded magazine is then handed to the competitor, who inserts the magazine into the rifle and shoots five rounds at the targets.
    4. The competitor then removes the magazine and returns the rifle with the bolt open to the official/coach/parent.
    5. The official/coach/parent then checks to make sure the rifle is clear before leaving the shooting ramp.

  • The dreaded cross-fire: Here we need to find a balance between helping newcomers to the sport and conducting events to the highest standards. For those of us that should know better, here are the rules to follow:
    IBU Rule 8.7.3, Cross-firing and Target Hit by Another Competitor: If a target on which a competitor is shooting is fired on by another shooter, the incorrect shooter must be stopped immediately. If no target plates have fallen, the correct competitor may continue shooting. If a target plate has been hit, the target must be reset immediately and the competitor continues shooting. Before such a target is reset, the hits and their positions must be recorded. In such a case in the Sprint, Pursuit, Mass Start, Relay or Team competition, the competitor must be told by the Range Official how many penalty loops must be done. If a competitor cross-fires onto a target not in his shooting lane, and no other competitor is shooting on that target, he shall be allowed to continue without disturbance. The competitor's hits will be only those which are on the correct target.

    8.7.4, Time Adjustments and Responsibility: In those cases where a competitor loses time due to target error which is not his fault or a target malfunction, the Competition Jury shall make an appropriate time adjustment., Own Error: If a competitor makes an error such as cross-firing or selecting a target which has been used and not reset, he is responsible and no time adjustment will be made.

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Rifle Notes

Anschutz now makes an entry level biathlon rifle that could be an alternative to the Marlin/Lakefield choice. The Anschutz 'Sporter Target' Biathlon version Model 1451R sells for about $440 and comes with one clip (Note: no harness or quick sling). The full Anschutz sight set model 6834 (which would need to be added) is about $220. Contact Neal Johnson's Gunsmithing (1-800-284-8671) for more information.

Rifle Maintenance Tip: Keeping rounds stored in a magazine when not shooting is not only against the rule, it also has a negative effect on the clip spring inside. Being compressed for long periods over time begins to fatigue the spring metal, causing potential loading jams while bolting. This is especially true with the firing pin spring - leaving the bolt cocked in storage compresses the free length of the spring making the pin strike less effectively on the cartridge, potentially causing misfires. A weak spring makes a weak strike.

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CBC Stickers

Biathlon Snowflake Graphic David Wells has produced and printed a 'CBC Snowflake' sticker to enhance your rifle, gun case, car, dog bowl, etc. (see example at left). The actual product measures 2 3/4" high and is IBU size compliant, so there's no problem having one on your rifle no matter where you compete. It's available for $3 and can be ordered through David directly - 303-985-4481,

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Membership Renewals!

Don't forget: If you wish to be included in the next version of the CBC phone list, receive a copy of said phone list, or receive the CBC newsletter via U.S. mail, you'll need to keep your CBC membership up to date. Since overhead for the e-mail list is minimal, we can currently keep unpaid members on the electronic roster. HOWEVER, YOU MUST STILL COMPLETE AND RETURN A MEMBERSHIP FORM IN ORDER TO STAY ON THE E-MAIL LIST. The e-mail list will be pruned as of March 1. Send e-mail to if you need to check on your membership status, if you wish to be removed from the list, or if you need to have a copy of the membership form mailed to you. The CBC membership registration form is available on the Web at http://spot.Colorado.EDU/memberform.html.

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CBC Board of Directors

Contact information for use in conveying your suggestions, complaints, praises, etc.!

Office Name E-mail
President Walter Warwick
Executive Vice-President Julia Collins
Board Chairman David Wells
Vice Pres./Snow Mtn. Dave Hixson
Vice Pres./Communications Stephanie Vu
Secretary Mark Schwab
Treasurer Henry Wheeler
Board Members at Large Elizabeth Pike

Other contacts:

Role Name E-mail
Clothing orders Brian Woodard

Runner's Roost Neal Johnson's Gunsmithing, Inc.

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