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Winter 2003 Newsletter


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In the long run men hit only what they aim at.
-- Henry David Thoreau

Message from the President

With the (re-)building of our great new range at Snow Mountain Ranch, the club has reached a new high point in its development. Along with a great facility, the club's self-management of races has gotten stronger through time with more participation from a widening group of members, although we still seem to struggle filling the needed positions. As we've said in the past, if a larger number of people volunteer even one time a season, we wouldn't need to depend on just a few so much. The hard work and dedication of all those who have and continue to help makes this club one of the best in the country in many ways. Thank you!

The Board of Directors is a more behind-the-scenes part of club progress, fundamental in maintaining a good framework for growth. At the end of each season we have Officer/Board Member nominations at our annual meeting. Anyone can attend and give their feedback. After the 2000-2001 season, the vital new Board position of Executive Vice President was added to distribute management tasks with the President.

When I joined the club in 1990, essentially one person was running the whole organization. As memory serves, we had five or six targets, three or four races a year and were lucky to get a dozen people at a race. In the couple of years that followed, the club's growth really started, and a basic Board was created. I became President in '93-94, and for a changing list of reasons have been the "default" President since then. I would like to step back now, it's time for another person to fill the position. I feel the club would benefit from the new perspective and fresh input. Of course I'll be happy to assist the new President in the transition as will, I'm sure, the rest of the Officers. I plan to continue conducting Certification clinics, facilitating the Governor's Cup, assisting with the Frisco Range project and being a contact for prospective new members. I'll even do the Newsletter!

I bring this up now so that you all can begin to consider nominations for my replacement, and so I can answer any questions from interested members (self-nomination is permitted). This should help make for a smoother process. Please plan to attend the annual meeting this year (date TBA) - nominations for all Board positions will be taken as usual.

I'm proud of what the CBC has become, and feel there are indeed bright years ahead. Thank you for allowing me to serve in the club's top position over the years!

-- David Wells

December Certification

This past December we had the largest turnout for safety certification ever - 38 people! (Last year was 29 . . . the next largest event.) It's great that so many are interested in our sport, and we hope they will become participants as often as they can.

In an effort to keep track of who's gotten their certification, for racing AND for practice sessions, we ask that you have your Red Book with you at race registration or when you sign in to practice at Snow Mountain Ranch, Eldora or Frisco (when that range opens again). This way there's no confusion with race organizers or nordic staffs as to who has been cleared to shoot. In the past as a smaller club, everyone tended to know each other, but with so many new certified people, and changing staff it's harder to maintain a consistent management of things. The Red Book is the prime document - consider it your Biathlon Passport.

At Snow Mountain Ranch, sign in at the desk downstairs (where you buy trail passes and pay for rentals). Indicate on the sign-in list that you're using the range. If there's no specific column for this activity, add something like "range" or "biathlon" where it can be easily seen. At Eldora, you don't need to sign in at the nordic center (unless you're required to do so as a season-pass holder). However, do sign in at the range. The mailbox attached to the rifle rack holds a clipboard with a sign-in sheet. All range users should add their names and the date/time of their range activities to this list. Procedures at Frisco will be determined once that range is back in action.

Signing in when coming to practice serves two purposes: the nordic staff can know if firearms are being used and give recreational skiers the heads up so as to prevent problems, and we get a reading of how often the ranges are being used and by whom for demographics or repair issues.

Since nordic staffs change, it's up to us to take the initiative and follow this Red Book/sign in rule. We're ambassadors for our sport and every member should act with safety and consideration in mind.

Additional Front Range Shooting Club

We've been contacted by the Wildlife Hunters Association of Colorado (WHAC) regarding the possibility of sponsoring a Summer Biathlon race, and providing a practice range for Biathlon training on the Front Range.

Range location is out by DIA - near East 144th Ave and Imboden Road. You can also locate the area on Mapquest. WHAC membership is $75/year if the member helps out the club. This involves working at range cleanup/improvement parties, helping out at their table at gunshows, etc. Range-only membership is $100/person/year. There is no option for a per-use (i.e., single day) fee. The range is private, and is on private property. If you'd like to check it out, contact Bill Llewellin at or 303-795-9677.

Frisco Range Status

The Frisco Range Proposal was submitted to the Town of Frisco at the end of July. We didn't receive any notice of problems they had with our approach. I've (David Wells) put a call in to them for an update on where they stand with their part of the process. Our proposal was part of the Town of Frisco's 20 year development plan for the entire peninsula, and was not an independent project.

The next step is to begin building the berm behind the target line, and widening the trails leading into the range area. The berm construction will be done with Public Works heavy equipment, and trail widening is still to be coordinated as far as manpower goes. Hopefully we can begin soon after this ski season is finished. The focus on the SMR range was primary for the current season, and the club treasury replenishment through this season will help towards the cost of constructing the Frisco target platform and other expenses.

Updates will be given as the project proceeds.

Steamboat Kickoff

Thanks to Gary Osteen for this update

If you see a new flock of youngsters skiing like you wish you would have, shooting like you wish you could have, its not a dream about how good you might have been. Its the first generation of Steamboat biathletes from the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club.

The Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club has added to its Nordic program with an air rifle junior biathlon program. To kick the program off Josh Thompson, former U.S team Member and World Championship silver medalist, put on a shooting clinic and got to know the kids. Sixteen juniors and lots of parents had a go at the air rifle targets. Josh hopes to rendezvous with the team at the Snow Mountain Ranch Biathlons to keep in touch, check on their progress, and maybe come out of retirement. We have claimed Josh as our coach away from home and you should too. He was an inspiration to all.

Ten juniors are on the team and range from 10 to 15 years old. They must be a member of a SSWSC Nordic program. The main focus is on shooting because the juniors are skiing four days a week. The biathlon team meets every other Monday from 4 to 6 PM. On the coldest days we will go to the indoor range and shoot both air rifles and .22s. Lots of things are up in the air in our first year, but we hope to bring the juniors over to Snow Mountain Ranch for several races this Winter. It will be a juggle of schedules with the Nordic and Nordic Combined programs.

The club has purchased six Daisy Avanti 853-C one pump air rifles with five shot clips and biathlon peep sights. The 10 meter targets are Devin pellet targets with prone plates. The targets are 1 3/8 inch for standing and 3/4 inch for prone. Having an outdoor 50 meter .22 rifle range at Howelsen Hill is not possible right now. We are shooting in the ski jump flats with the 90 meter ski jump as the back stop.

Several juniors are planning to attend the .22 rifle certification clinic to get their Red Books and be able to practice with .22s after the races.

We want to connect the kids with the Colorado Biathlon Club and tap into new friendships, biathlon camaraderie and knowledge. They are a great group of kids and our groups are getting tighter. Come on down to the air rifle range and meet our guys and gals.

The program will grow as the other kids are drawn to the challenge and excitement of biathlon.

The Ijs Report: Cloggs, Skis and a Biathlon Rifle

I still have visions of being the only Dutch Biathlete in the 2006 Winter Olympics. I checked the IBU web site and found that there are only two Dutch Biathletes on the international circuit. It is easily forgotten that they are both 10 years younger than I am, so I happily dream on.

Nevertheless back on earth again I find that the road to the Orange one piece suit is a rough one. My first hurdle has been taken. I am the proud owner of the latest Salomon shoes and bindings bolted on a smooth set of Fisher skis. (Now that I pleased the sponsors I can get on with the real story.)

The second hurdle is slightly different. This one seems to be more of a mountain to climb. It is buying a Winter Biathlon rifle.

Allow me to share my story with you. In the process I hope to leave you with some useful tips. Deeply embarrassed by breaking a club rifle I decided that having my own rifle had to become a priority.

Full of enthusiasm I fired emails across the internet. I also surfed the web enough to make a spider dizzy. The emails did gave me a few tips and the offer to buy an Anschutz. Otherwise the web was the most valuable source of information.

Slowly it began to dawn on me that "No, I couldn't just convert the neighbour kid's .22," "I would not be able to knock one on the head for a nickel and a dime." Nor that I could pop into the local Gun shop and find one on the shelf. This was going to be a serious quest.

Surfing the Web was an education in itself. I jumped from link to link, finding my own foot prints many a time. There are many Winter biathlon web sites, but only few having information on the actual purchase of a rifle.

I found that the Minnesota Biathlon web site ( has a classified ads page, as does our own CBC web site ( I found some rifles on offer. Unfortunately out of my budget's range. Allen's Page ( seems to be the most useful. It contained information on the specific brands of rifles, the specs required and most important the contact information of Dealers. The brands I found are Anshutz, Baikal, Izhmash and Marlin. Based on his info, I figured that the Marlin would be my starter rifle. After all they were the cheapest to buy new, the Club carried them and were even available to buy used from Marc Sheppard at the Summer Biathlon office (406-646-9222 or

As I said this road wasn't going to be easy and soon I had to change my course. The model of Marlin rifle that I was after is no longer in production.

I am now at square one again, but have found a lead to a manufacturer. This company takes the Izhmash (Fortner-like action) receiver and trigger unit and bolts this onto a heavy barrel. The recommended retail price will be around $900. I'll let you know more once I have received their catalogue.

My writing stops here, but my story will go on. Until the next news-letter.

-- Paul

P.S. if you have any useful information, then please email me on or

Sponsorship News

Neptune Mountaineering discount
All current CBC members receive a 10% off all non-sale items at Neptune Mountaineering in Boulder (Colorado). A current list of paid members is available at the check-out register, which the Neptune staff can consult in order to confirm your membership. Alternately, recently added members may show the green postcard they should have received upon paying membership fees.

Honey Stinger
The new sports nutrition company EN-R-G Foods, Inc. of Steamboat Springs has offered us a 40% discount on their Honey Stinger energy gel and bars. They've donated product for us to use this season and they're interested in supporting us again next year. They've also signed on as a supplier to the USBA. We've had some samples of the energy gel at the last couple of races (and will have more at our remaining races), so you may have already sampled the product. Honey Stinger would like to extend an offer to CBC members to purchase Honey Stinger at a 40% discount! This offer will expire March 28, 2003. No limit on quantity.

There are two easy ways to order:

  1. ORDER ONLINE: Go to Select items at full retail price then proceed to checkout. During checkout, complete billing and shipping information and enter Group Source Code: cbc You will then see your new discounted total.
  2. PHONE YOUR ORDER: Call 1-866-GO-HONEY (1-866-464-6639) and talk with some of the busy bees in Steamboat.
Questions or product comments may be sent to

Sponsorship News, continued

Toko Wax
Hopefully all of you were alerted to our recent opportunity to place a group wax order with Toko. If you missed this order deadline, but would be interested in participating in the future, please be sure that Naomi Notman has your contact information. We hope to continue this sponsorship again next season.


All race results are posted at:
as they become available. Results from the races so far this season are at:

Remaining winter schedule

See for current information regarding the remaining winter season schedule. As of this writing, remaining events (all at SMR) are:

Event Date Contact/Comp Chief
Individual February 22, 2003 Mary Wagner (303-404-8963,
Sprint March 22, 2003 Julia Collins (303-946-5298,
Pursuit March 23, 2003 Julia Collins (303-946-5298,

Please note that the pursuit weekend listed above is a change from our original schedule. The Snow Mountain Ranch Stampede has been moved to March 15, 2003. The pairs relay originally scheduled for March 23 can be moved to March 30 if anyone wants to put it on (let Julia know if you want to serve as Competition Chief for that event). The date will need to be ok'd with SMR -- and a few dances to the Snow Gods may be warranted in order to ensure adequate race conditions at that relatively late date. Cost for all races is $15 for Seniors/Masters; $8.00 for Juniors/youth/children.


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